Stray Kids - Official Light Stick


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Shout out to all STAY!

Your favorite group Stray Kids is here with their official light stick! Be a proud STAY with getting this light stick so you can show off to your favorite idol and light it up when you go to their concert! Grab it fast!


High Quality and Brand New 100% 



  • Description: Stray Kids Official Lightstick
  • Components: Out Box, Lightstick, Strap
  • Light Mode: ON - BLINK - FLICKER - OFF
  • Power: 3 Alkaline AAA batteries (Not Included)


  • Wireless Control - Displays various effects by being interconnected with stage lightings, Works together with performance management via central control. (While wireless control mode is on, general mode is not available)
  • 100% Authentic and Official Products