SEVENTEEN - 2021 Carat Land - Trading Card Set


A 2021 Carat Land trading card set with different photos of the members is here!

This trading card is truly precious! Each set contains 7 cards, one of which is a special card. And as a CARAT you definitely won't miss this one out! Go order it now while in stock!

Note: Pre-Order - will be released on 10/24/2021. The shipment will start after the release date.


High Quality and Brand New 100% 



  • Product Name: Trading Card Set
  • Material: Paper
  • Size: 55 x 85mm
  • Manufacturer: HYBE


  • Total of 102 types - 74 regular cards + 28 special cards (26 individual special cards + 2  group cards)
  • Back of individual cards - Handwritten message from members to CARAT
  • Back of group cards - special design for group photos