Pokémon x LeSportsac - Travel Cosmetic


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A true Pokémaniac can never have enough authentic Pokémon items. Gotta catch 'em all? Yes, we can definitely relate!

Take yourself on an adventure to the Pokémon universe with our phenomenal merchandise and range of unique Pokémon gifts. Discover new species, complete your Pokédex and earn trainer points in the world of Pokémon evolution and hand-pick yourself some nifty necessities from this collection to ensure you're the coolest Pokédan to exist.


High Quality and Brand New 100% 


Product Description:

  • Zipped main closure, Front pocket with zipped closure
  • Dimension : 13.65H x 20.32W x 7.62D cm
  • Heritage ripstop nylon
  • Durable and timeless
  • Nylon trim/webbing
  • Varying lining color
  • Existing styles since 1974
  • Logo Zippered pulls