No Love Zone x MOFUN - Collaboration Official Merch Collection


Can't get enough of No Love Zone?

Lee Eun-Kyum is here to make sure you will get more of him and friends! The merch comes with various options and you can choose which one you want! Or you can always get them all!

Note: Pre-Order - will take 10 days to prepare. If you order this item with any other items, it will be sent together when this item has arrived


High Quality and Brand New 100% 



  1. Transparent Stickers and Photo Card Set
  2. Stuffed Character - Han Ji Hyuk
  3. Stuffed Character - Lee Eun Kyum
  4. Stuffed Character - Seo Hae Joon
  5. V Grip Pop-up Phone Holder - Strawberry Hyuk
  6. V Grip Pop-up Phone Holder - Peach Kyum
  7. Glitter Washi Tape - 15mm
  8. Glitter Washi Tape - 30mm
  9. Student ID Card - Han Ji Hyuk
  10. Student ID Card - Lee Eun Kyum
  11. Illustration Artboard 1 Piece Random
  12. Illustration Artboards 4 Pieces Set
  13. Metal Pin Badge Set
  14. 14 Acrylic Figure - Picnic Set
  15. 15 Acrylic Figure - Snowman Set