Neoflam - FIKA - Peach Petite Cookware Set


Peach Petite Cookware Set is here!

Now you can make your cooking activity more enjoyable and decorate your kitchen to make it more colorful and livelier with this peach petite cookware set! The peach color reminds you of this aesthetic vibe that has been trending nowadays! Get the set now!


High Quality and Brand New 100% 



  • Material: Aluminium Die Casting
  • Coating: Ceramic
  • Color: Peach
  • Set: 16cm Pot, 18cm Wok, 15cm Egg Roll Pan
  • Size:
    16cm Pot - 215 x 160 x 80mm/1.2L - 0.75kg
    18cm Wok - 305 x 180 x 60mm/0.518kg
    15cm Egg Roll Pan - 302 x 150 x 35mm/0.522kg


  • New Xtrema™ coating has improved durability and nonstick performance.
  • Highly scratch-resistant & durable
  • Convenient and easy to use due to its lightweight and thermal efficiency.
  • Free of toxins such as PFOA.
  • For use with all heat sources : induction, electric, gas and radiant.