Neoflam - FIKA - Induction Nonstick Cookware Pot and Pan Set


Why Neoflam - FIKA - Induction Nonstick Cookware Petit Set?

FIKA, which contains the meaning of Dieter Rams' 'Less but Better', has completed FIKA's own minimalist line through a smooth connection between the body and the knob and silicone of the same color as the body that make all the collection easier to use!


High Quality and Brand New 100% 



  • Material: Aluminum, Knob-Painting Wood
  • Coating: Ceramic
  • Size: 
    Wok 18cm - 305 x 180 x 60mm/1.518kg
    Pot 18cm - 250 x 180 x 80mm/1.5L/0.98kg
    Egg Pan 15cm - 302 x 150 x 35mm/0.522kg


    • Ceramic coating for exclusive use of Extrema P5 frying pans
      The extrema coating enhances the non-stick power, and the triple ceramic coating makes cooking and cleaning easy.
    • High thermal efficiency & heat preservation premium metal mold cast cookware
      By applying the cauldron principle, the bottom and sides are thicker than conventional frying pans, making it possible to cook lumpy and cook enough even with low heat.
    • Spot-molded, hygienic handle combination.
      The handle connection method of the spot molding method makes the handle connection part smooth inside the frying pan so that foreign substances do not get caught during cooking, making it easy to clean.
    • Made in Korea