My Life Is An Internet Novel - Vol. 1-3


K-Drama Extraordinary Life anyone? Dani is back in physical copies!

Dani's fictional world is complete with a beautiful best friend named Yeoryung, and four impossibly good-looking boys who all happen to be in her class. Dani is determined to stay out of the way and not get involved in the twists and turns of the plot. But is she really just the sidekick -- or is Dani actually the leading lady? Anything is possible in the world of a novel!

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  • Publisher: D&C WEBTOON BIZ
  • Author: A Hyeon, Yu Han-ryeo
  • Language: Korean
  • Size: 150 x 210mm

More Details:

Vol. 1

  • Page 272
  • ISBN: 9791191363685
Vol. 2
  • Page 280
  • ISBN: 9791191363708
Vol. 3
  • Page 268
  • ISBN: 9791191363760