Modori - Neat Chopping Board Set


Start cooking healthy and stylish!

Modori Korean Choppin Board is a high quality chopping board that has many useful features that you might need and look for! It's available in various colors! Pick your color!


High Quality and Brand New 100% 



  • Material:  • Cutting Board: TPU; 
                     • Cutting Board Changer: Steel
  • Size: • Cutting Board: 24 x 38.5cm
             • Cutting Board Changer: 26 x 41 x 10cm
  • Weight: • Cutting Board Set: 3.1kg
                   • Cutting Board: 328g
  • Varian: Cutting Board Set, Warm Pink, Cocoa, Light Grey, Dark Grey


  • It can't get a knife cut.
  • You can disinfect it easily if you just pour boiling water after washing it.
  • It's not overflowing with food.
  • The cutting board doesn't slip or run down.
  • It bends gently, so you can hold it right away without spilling any food.
  • You can hang it on a chopping board or a dishwasher.

Using Method:

  1. If you use a sharp cutter, other than a cooking knife or a tool, you can leave a mark.
  2. It can be used as a dishwasher, but avoid high-temperature sterilization above 80 degrees.
  3. When sterilizing in microwave or heavy bath, put the cutting board flat and sterilize it for a short time within 10 seconds.