Mini Handheld Portable Coffee Maker


Another great item from Asia brought to you by Smittee!

Being in the kitchen to either cook or bake takes a lot effort, patience, and most importantly passion in order to produce end results which are truly mouth-watering and satisfying. So, it is very important that you have the tools to begin your kitchen adventures regardless of how disastrous or successful they might turn out to be.

The Mini Handheld Portable Coffee Maker offers to make you delicious, full-bodied, luxurious, and creamy cups of coffee everyday. A brilliant way to start off your day, the Mini Handheld Portable Coffee Maker will awaken your senses while giving you a deliciously-positive spin on your coffee-drinking routine. The Mini Handheld Portable Coffee Maker works well with just a few simple steps to get your kitchen smelling like fresh coffee.


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Product description:

  • Product Size:19.6 x 5.8 x 5.5cm/7.71 x 2.28 x 2.16in
  • Whether electric or not: no
  • Material: food grade plastic
  • Amount of powder: 7g
  • Water capacity: 70ml


  • Make pretty good espresso in a relatively short time ifyou only have ground coffee and hot water ready.
  • Portable design, simple and fast to use, hand operated coffee machine, you canprepare amazing espresso anywhere.


  • Put a spoon of ground coffee in the container, squeeze the ground coffee with aspoon.
  • Put it in the cup, close the lid, 90 degrees water at the bottom of thecontainer.
  • Tighten the lid, press several times, drip coffee slowly.
  • According to personal preference,
  • Press 13 times (medium purity coffee)
  • Press 18 times (Italian espresso)
  • Press 28 times (double Italian espresso)