Lisa - 1st Single Album - LALISA - Vinyl LP (Limited Edition)


BLINK! She is here! Lisa is here!

Finally Lisa drops her long-waited solo album that all BLINKs have been waiting for! This time, comes with a Vinyl LP. It is a limited edition Vinyl, so get it now! Lisa fired the signal for her first solo career! 'LALISA' reads with enough confidence as it is the result of Lisa's announcement under her own name. In particular, the name of the album is more meaningful because it creates a love for oneself and pride by putting the real name first!

Note: Pre-Order - will be released on December 27th, 2021. The shipment will start after the release dateIf you order this item with any other items, it will be sent together when this item has arrived


High Quality and Brand New 100% 



  • Artist: Lisa
  • Album: LALISA
  • Label: YG Entertainment
  • Size: 330mm x 330mm x 20mm
  • Release Date: December 27th, 2021

Package for Each Version :

  • 1 Package Box
    177 x 257 x 34mm
  • Vinyl LP
  • To be announced