Legs That Won't Walk - Audio Drama Merch Package


Long-waited Legs That Won't Walk is finally here!

Audio drama merch package of Legs That Won't Walk is here and you surely curious what is inside! Don't miss out and get it now!


High Quality and Brand New 100% 




How to Play Albums

  1. Please download "Kit Player" and run the app from the App Store or Google Play Store
  2. Please locate the microphone on the device that will launch the player.
  3. Please take the air kit to the microphone location and connect it by pressing the button slightly.
  4. On initial execution, the download screen is displayed and the download proceeds.
  5. The smart device authentication of the air kit is valid for 24 hours. When the authentication time expires, you can listen to it again after authentication through the air kit click.
  6. If you click on a new instrument, the original instrument's sound source will be deleted.

More Details:

1. Package Box
278 x 199 x 380mm

2. KiT Album
Out Box - 104 x 104 x 33mm
Title & Credit Card - 94 x 94mm
Air KiT - 60 x 60mm
Legs That Won't Walk Audio Drama Season 1 Approx. 238 minutes
Many other interviews and OST included

3. Script Book
196 Pages
130 x 190mm

4. Postcard Book
100 x 150mm
Cover + 12 Pages

5. Keyring
Rabbit Cup 19 x 20mm
Boxing Glove 16 x 30mm
Helmet 23 x 20mm
Material: Black Nickel Plating

6. Polaroid Photo
55 x 89mm