How To Hate Mate - Vol. 1-3


Another exciting manhwa is here to brighten your day!

Everyone’s twenties are sprinkled with regrets, but Subin’s is spent stumbling from one mistake to the next. He gets drunk, comes out of the closet and clumsily confesses his feelings to his straight roommate all in one night. It takes two years, but he starts to pull his life together. That is, until his old roommate, Hyunwoo, returns from the military.

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  • Publisher: artePOP
  • Author: Reck
  • Size: 148 x 210 mm
  • Language: Korean

More Details:

Vol. 1

  • Page 264
  • ISBN: 9788950988692

Vol. 2
  • Page 248
  • ISBN: 9788950988708

Vol. 3
  • Page 272
  • ISBN: 9788950988715