Green Place Paradise x MOFUN - Collaboration Official Goods Collection


Shout out to people who can't get enough of Mae-hwa and Jae-won!

Mae-hwa and Jae-won are here with Mofun to do the collaboration in order to bring you all these amazing Official Goods Collection! 


High Quality and Brand New 100% 



  1. Illustration Artboard 3 Pieces Set A - Myung Mae
  2. Illustration Artboard 3 Pieces Set B - Guk Nan
  3. Illustration Artboard 1 Piece (Random delivery of 1 out of 10)
  4. ID Card A - Myung Jae Won
  5. ID Card B - Yang Mae Hwa
  6. ID Card C - Dal Guk
  7. ID Card D - Yeo Nan
  8. ID Card E - Kim Se Hyung
  9. ID Card F - Dal San
  10. Metal Pin Badge Set A - Yellow
  11. Metal Pin Badge Set B - Green