Gooseneck Kettle For Drip Coffee - 600ml


Another great item from Asia brought to you by Smittee!

Being in the kitchen to either cook or bake takes a lot effort, patience, and most importantly passion in order to produce end results which are truly mouth-watering and satisfying. So, it is very important that you have the tools to begin your kitchen adventures regardless of how disastrous or successful they might turn out to be.

The Gooseneck Kettle For Drip Coffee offers to make you delicious, full-bodied, luxurious, and creamy cups of coffee everyday. A brilliant way to start off your day, theGooseneck Kettle For Drip Coffee will awaken your senses while giving you a deliciously-positive spin on your coffee-drinking routine. The Gooseneck Kettle For Drip Coffee works well with just a few simple steps to get your kitchen smelling like fresh coffee.


High Quality and Brand New 100% 


Product description:

  • Maximum capacity: 600ml
  • Size: Refer sizing chart in photos