CHARM'S - Circle Logo Hoodie Unisex


Looking for some cool hoodie for your daily wear?

We got ya! Circle Logo Hoodie Unisex by CHARM'S is here! "A good logo Hood Circle logo to coordinate casually by making a subtle color embroidery Charms. Left-side retail Yen's signature symbol of Charms 'HEART LIP' product embroidered embroidery stands out is unique also in Charms only. To the natural It has a relaxed fit with a drop and is a good daily coordination item to layer with an inner T-shirt!


High Quality and Brand New 100% 



  • Brand: CHARM'S
  • Material: 100% Cotton
  • Color: Black, Burgundy, Navy
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Size: M, L


  1. 100% cotton fabric is used to make it comfortable to wear, and
  2. For durability of the neckline , it is finished with Harry tape to prevent sagging of the neck.
  3. It is a hooded product that is comfortable to wear and easy to manage with high-quality fabric featuring high weight and smooth surface.
  4. It is a unisex product (UNISEX), and it is made with a relaxed fit and is comfortable to wear.

Size Chart

 Size Shoulder (cm) Bust (cm)
Sleeve (cm) Length (cm)
M 62 62 55 65
L 67 67 59 70