BT21 - Dream Peanut Memory Foam Pillow


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Another great item from Asia brought to you by Smittee!

BT21 are a group of animated characters created by BTS in September 2017. There are 8 main characters: Tata, Mang, Chimmy, RJ, Koya, Cooky, Shooky, and Van.

Prince TATA from Planet BT, who had been traveling with VAN, crashed on Earth. In order to spread love, TATA decides to become a star. Finally, they have met six fascinating members: KOYA, RJ, SHOOKY, MANG, CHIMMY, and COOKY to make 'BT21', and they are dreaming of becoming the most famous start in the universe, THE UNIVERSTAR! Will BT21 become UNIVERSTAR, and spread love around?

The whole squad is here to cheer you up. From pillows to bag keychains, add an extra touch to your home or handbag!


100% Original BT21 Product 


Product description:

  • Item: Microfiber Pillow Cover
  • Size : 42 x 19 x 12cm
  • Material : Polyester, Polyurethane
- Microfiber Pillow Cover - Memory foam with undercover - High elasticity, high density memory foam pillow - Easy to carry and easy to cut, suitable thickness and softness - Soft, elastic and lightweight using highly elastic and resilient memory foam material. Thank you!