BT21 - Baby Hand Warmer Cushion


Are you feeling cold?

Don't worry! BT21 characters are here to warm you up and give you comfort! Just put your hands inside the cushion and you will feel the warmth of BT21 heart! Grab it fast before it's out of stock!


100% Original BT21 Product 


Product Description:

  • Material: Polyester
  • Character: RJ, Shooky, Mang, Koya, Chimmy, Tata, Cooky
  • Size:
    Chimmy: 280 x 240 x 160mm
    Cooky: 260 x 310 x 160mm
    Koya 390 x 250 x 160mm
    Mang 290 x 260 x 160mm
    RJ: 270 x 230 x 160mm
    Shooky: 290 x 240 x 160mm
    Tata: 300 x 240 x 160mm


  • Available in all seven members
  • High quality material
  • 100% Authentic and Official Products