Return Policy

Request available period according to the reason for return/exchange In the case of a product defect or display/advertisement, within 7 days after arrival of the product.
Reasons for non-return/Exchange
  • When the return request period has passed
  • When the product is lost or damaged due to the buyer's responsibility (except when the packaging is damaged in order to check the contents of the product)
  • In case the product value is significantly lost due to damage to the packaging due to the buyer's responsibility (eg, food, cosmetics, perfumes, music, etc.)
  • In case the value of the product has decreased significantly due to the purchaser's use or partial consumption (in the case of clothing with dropped labels or luxury goods with tags)
  • In case the value of the product, etc., has significantly decreased to the extent that it is difficult to resell over time
  • In the case of a custom-made product that goes into production in accordance with the customer's request ( in case irreparable damage is expected to the seller, and a written consent is obtained that the exercise of the right to withdraw subscription is not possible due to such a schedule)
  • If the packaging of products that can be reproduced is damaged (in the case of CD/DVD/GAME/books, when the packaging is opened)